24/7 Steak Vending Machines Exist To Satisfy Your Carnivorous Needs

Author: Constantine Spyrou

Vending machines these days can have just about anything in them. They can make you pizzas, distribute bottles of bubbly, or even provide fresh squeezed orange juice on demand. One type that you may not expect to find, however, is steak vending machines that distribute raw cuts 24/7.

These massive steak repositories were built by the Applestone Meat Company, a whole animal butcher shop based in New York's Hudson Valley. They currently have two set up, one at their main shop in Stone Ridge and another in Accord, New York. No matter what time of day it is, you can head to either and get your meat fix, whether it be on the way home from work or after a late night out.

Since Applestone started utilizing the machines back in early 2016, demand has skyrocketed. They're now churning out 3,000 pounds of meat per week, according to Bloomberg, and have to be restocked several times a day. Thus, the meat you're getting from these vending machines isn't just high-quality, but super fresh as well.


Applestone is looking to expand their vending machine program in the near future. A new vending machine that can hold 6-7 times as much meat is in development to launch next year, when the company hopes to expand as far out as Manhattan. From there, only time and demand will tell how far and wide they could spread.


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