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We are always on the lookout for excellent meats to recommend.

If you can't get to the store due to COVID-19, or if your store is fresh out of your favorite meat cuts, you can always order by mail. Many of our favorite meat suppliers, some of whom sell steaks to top steakhouses around the country, will now ship meat right to your door. You can get prime rib for Christmas, Kurobota pork chops for a special dinner, and Wagyu brisket for the best smoked brisket you ever tasted. Or just pick up a few ribeyes for this weekend's barbecue.  

Here are some meat and fish suppliers we like:


1.  Allen Brothers

That's a wagyu ribeye from this boutique butcher at the top of the page. Allen Brothers has been supplying many of the country's best steakhouses since 1893, and they also have a retail catalog in print and online that includes beef that Meathead says he keep in his freezer at all times for whenever somebody special comes for dinner. They sell USDA Prime, Wagyu in all grades up to A5, and dry aged beef in a wide range of ages. They recently have expanded to include heritage breeds of pork, premium seafood and poultry, lamb, sausages, and more. Highly recommended.

2.  Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow offers you the ability to buy meat raised on select farms so you have an understanding of what it was fed, how it was finished, and the types of flavors you can expect before you buy. Offerings change from week-to-week including beef raised in pastures in the Carolinas, bacon from heritage hogs, pasture raised chicken and chicken sausages, pasture raised turkey, wild caught Copper River salmon, and more.

3.  Flannery Beef

The Flannerys have supplied San Francisco and L.A. restaurants with high-quality beef since 1963. They specialize in prime Holstein beef, and their burger blend is a special experience, including equal parts Wagyu chuck, prime short rib, choice filet mignon, and dry-aged steak ends. You can order from Goldbelly.

4.  Pat LaFrieda

This is probably the most famous butcher in America, partly because he's in New York City and appears often on the Food Network. And his burger blend is justly famous. Pat's LaFrieda's "Original Burger Blend" was developed by his grandfather about 100 years ago and has not changed since. It's a combination of chuck, brisket, and short-rib from American Black Angus. LaFrieda only sells direct to foodservice, but you can order several of his different burger blends from Goldbelly.

5.  Porter Road

Porter Road works with select local farms, processes all meat in their own facility in Kentucky, and expertly hand-cuts every piece. The company specializes in pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. All their beef is dry aged for 14 days. Equally appealing is the fact that they ship the meat fresh and not frozen!

6.  Sitka Salmon Shares

Like a local farm sells shares for a weekly box of fresh produce, Sitka operates a Communited Supported Fishery (CSF). You sign up and get a monthly shipment of high quality wild Alaskan seafood, including line caught coho salmon, sablefish (black cod), sashimi grade tuna, pot caught spot shrimp, Dungeness crab, and more, all seasonally caught, blast frozen, and delivered right to your doorstep. Monthly deliveries are 4.5 to 5 pounds and you can choose different plans to get the seafood you like.

7.  Snake River Farms

Top supplier of American wagyu beef, Berkshire pork, and a wide assortment of prime beef roasts and steaks under their Double R Ranch label. Their Wagyu gold grade is about 11 or 12 on the Japanese marbling scale, while USDA Prime is only 4 to 5. This meat is a cross between Wagyu and Angus, and their brisket is wildly popular with BBQ competition teams. FREE SHIPPING just enter the code AMAZING in the promo box when you check out.

8.  Strube Ranch

This Texas ranch has a herd of Wagyu and their ribeyes, strip loins, sirloins, and briskets are worth tasting.


9.  Crooked Butcher

Recommended by one of our customers (Thank you Hamilton S.!) At Crooked Butcher a Master Butcher who custom cuts and package all of products to precise specifications. They only work with the highest quality of meats from USDA Prime, 100% Full Blood Wagyu, Australian Premium Wagyu and Japanese A5/A5+. 


10.  Wisconsin River Meats

Another recommendation by our customer (thanks Tom A.!).  According to him, "Wisconsin River Meats in Mauston is top shelf. Small place with giant value and ultra-friendly and knowledgeable "

Wisconsin River Meats also offers a fine selection of fresh or frozen meats including locally raised Wisconsin beef, pork and chicken.  Check out there wild game selection of Buffalo, Elk and Venison meats and sausages for sale. They also sell bundles and family packs of bulk meats at discount prices. You can order and purchase quarters of beef and half or whole hogs all locally produced.


Do these companies ship to Hawaii

Chris Hunt January 27, 2021

Buckhead Meat Northeast has an online service as well with many of the items Pat Lafrieda has for sale. They also are affiliated Prime Steakhouse and Salt Brick Prime.

Dennis Adams December 02, 2020

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