Dad Crushed When Son Asks For His Steak “Well-Done”

Gary Benson has always been a proud father. His 15-year-old son Bobby is smart, athletic and an all-around good kid. But no son is perfect, the elder Benson recently learned while cooking some steaks on the grill in his backyard.

“Yo, Bobby, you want yours medium-rare or rare?” he asked as he stood over the grill. Unfortunately, he was not prepared for the response.

“Well-done,” Bobby replied, thinking nothing of it. “I don’t like it too pink.”

At first, Gary thought his son was kidding, but when the boy repeated his request, reality hit.

“But…that will ruin it. This is prime USDA,” he explained. “Who told you it was okay to eat a steak well-done? Was it your Uncle Ted? That guy is practically a vegetarian!”

After arguing with the 15-year-old, Benson became so incensed he decided to completely burn the steak to teach the boy a lesson. Upon serving it to his son, he remarked, “Next time just tell me you want chicken instead.”


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