Delta Techs Transform Boeing 757 Engine into an Epic BBQ Grill

What better way to celebrate the summer?


Every so often you come across a level of ingenuity that equally has you scratching your head and staring in disbelief. Today we came across something that perfectly sets off the summer months in style. Now barbecuing and summer go hand and hand. In the West, grill masters equally compete over barbecuing techniques as well as the “wow-factor” of their grills.

However today, we are here to tell you that this team from Delta Airlines TechOps team in Atlanta, Georgia has got you beat by a longshot. The team of engineers turned an old jet engine and turned it into a massive BBQ grill. It looks like these engineers have already won summer.

From Jet Engine to Grill

Built originally in 2016 by Delta’s TechOps team, the unique barbecuing station was built using scrap parts from a Pratt & Whitney PW2000 jet engine from a Boeing 757. Imagine stepping into your neighbor's backyard for some grilled chicken, hot dogs, and burgers, only to be greeted to what looks like something from a missing airline.

Each part of the grill is easily accessible and opens up to reveal a grill and separate workstation, perfect for those who need to entertain large guests. The grill will definitely be turning heads this July 4 with its massive grilling space. Yet, this is not the first time Delta has created an airline inspired grill.

Guaranteed this grill is cooler than yours

Just a year earlier the Technical Operations team at Delta decided to build a custom grill that was even more ambitious. The scaled down plane grill held a wingspan of more than 20 feet across, had a fuselage grilling chamber that was 38 feet long and nearly 15 feet high at the tip of its tail. Even more, so the plane grill could easily crank out 500 burgers an hour.


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