Weber Pellet Grill LEAKED: The Weber Smoke Fire

Weber recently made a social media post hinting at the newest product they have intentions on unveiling soon, which they dubbed, “Smoke Fire”. Check out the recent social media post by Weber:




BREAKING NEWS! Leaked photo of a Weber Pellet Smoker (coming soon). More updates to come soon. As of right now, sources tell us this photo is from an ACE HARDWARE Catalog in which an employee inevitably leaked the photo. Would you buy one?

From one of our Facebook Fans:

"I saw it at a trade show 2 weeks ago. Had to go to a secret room and surrender my cell phone. The major differences between it and the Ironwood are the weber is shiny, uses flavorizer bars like its gas grills and has an uphill feed for pellets. The hopper is long and skinny on the back of the grill. The thermostat is almost the same. It also has a clean put feature on the firebox like their gas grills where the grease falls to a drip pan and the ashes fall to the side. I will keep my Ironwood. The Weber will retail for about 100 less than comparable Traeger. There are 2 sizes coming. They should be shipping to retailers by April. Temp range is 200-600 according to Weber. I think the Traeger will smoke better as 200 is a little bit high for my taste. They also have a super smoke function but call it something different."



looks interesting. is it double walled?
i have 3 treagers. i use them all year long snow rain .at one time i didnt even know if my stove worked. looks like an ironwood. but sounds like it might have some interesting features. if you need a lay person to use it for you an give some feed back .send me one an ill be happy to u honest feed back an comparisons to your competitors . send me one ill put it to the test an tape it all for you… All so does it come as a built in unit if needed.

cahy coe November 19, 2019

Looking forward to the launch! Looks like a Weber so it’ll fit right in. Excited about the ability to ramp up the heat for other “non-smoking” applications. Also like the enameled coating; much more attractive and durable than the high-temp paint. Will look good longer..

Rayme October 18, 2019

Great to read this!!! Can’t wait

Larry October 16, 2019
I like my Weber Spirit grill and my Older Pit Boss smoker. I could consider consider upgrading the Pit Boss. The smoker in the photo needs bigger wheels.
Someone October 09, 2019

Ryan, what’s cute is your elitist attitude based on a grill selection. I have a Traeger, pit boss, and a Komodo ceramic grill. Each one has it advantages and disadvantages. It’s about learning what works. I had a Weber kettle that lasted for close to 20 years.

Tom October 07, 2019

I love grills so much!

Sam October 02, 2019

I will stick with the two Rec Tec RT680’s I have had for several years. Zero issues and awesome cooks.

Robert Allen October 02, 2019

That’s cute. Folks still think Traeger makes a quality pellet grill. In the mean time us GMG folks are cracking up…

Ryan Gowins October 02, 2019

Ik wil hem graag in mijn Weber collectie opnemen. Weer een mooie aankoop voor 2020.

Edwin October 02, 2019

So excited about this!!!!

Lucas Wincote September 25, 2019

The low temperature is to hot. Low temperature needs to be 20 to 40 degrees lower.

Dan Ray September 25, 2019

Heaven forbid they have an original design. Some people just cant change. I think it looks good but the only important thing is how does it cook. The biggest shortcoming on most pellet grills is that they cant produce the kind of smoke some people want.

Mitch September 17, 2019

most people want shelf on right end, shelf on front pellet container should be on left or rear. rec tec has one on rear.

KEN September 17, 2019

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