You Can Get a Bouquet of Baby Back Ribs for Your Valentine

Nothing shows the possibilities of love like a bouquet of flowers. It could be unbearably gorgeous and slowly wilt with time. Maybe you got a prickly succulent that will thrive for an impossibly long time even if you ignore it. Or, if you really hate this idea in general, you might go with something far more practical and get a bouquet of actual food, like, say, pickles

Boston Market is making a run at the weird, edible flower-replacement game with a bouquet of its Baby Back Ribs. (Or, if you can stand saying it, their Bae-by Back Ribs. Yes, that's what it's calling them.) The limited-edition arrangement will only be available on February 14, but you will be able to find it at every Boston Market location across the country. 

It's going to run you $29.99. But if your valentine truly loves ribs, you can do worse than presenting them with a dozen ribs as a gift. Maybe next year you'll get something you actually want for going all out on the ribs this year.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of Boston Market's Valentine's dinner options. A couple can order two half-racks of ribs, two sides per person, and two pieces of cornbread for just $20. Though, no one is stopping you from doing both if you want Valentine's Day to be all about ribs for whatever reason.


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