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Barbecue Brush Bristle Pierces Man’s Oesophagus

A Brisbane man has spent three days in hospital after a tiny wire bristle from a barbecue brush pierced his throat. Bruce Victor, 56, from Wakerley, swallowed the bristle at a pre-Christmas dinner and immediately knew something was wrong. “Halfway through my steak, all of a sudden, (I felt) a really sharp stabbing pain in my throat,” Mr Victor said. The family rushed Mr Victor to hospital where an X-ray revealed the wire had pierced his oesophagus and lodged near his spine. “Initially on the first pass, everybody missed the wire, but the radiologist reviewed the x-rays,” he said. “We looked at one particular section and quick as a flash up came the wire poking right through the side of...

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Covington Man Grills 1 Million Steaks

Covington resident and LongHorn Steakhouse Grill Master Kurt Frazer has been recognized by the restaurant chain as a Grill Master Legend. (Special Photo)   COVINGTON — What does it take to grill 1 million steaks? Just ask Covington resident and LongHorn Steakhouse Grill Master Kurt Frazer. He is among the elite class of Grill Masters celebrated as one of LongHorn Steakhouse’s Grill Master Legends, a special distinction bestowed only upon those who have achieved this sizzling accomplishment. Every LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant has a team of certified Grill Masters. These experts are specially trained on selecting the right steak cut, pairing with the perfect seasoning blend and grilling to each guest’s taste. After serving as a Grill Master for 25 years,...

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