Skull Charcoal: Is it Worth The Money? We Say, NO!

WOAH! That’s cool! Skull Charcoal has been turning many heads on social media.

The initial reaction from most folk’s is, HOW MUCH?

We’re here to tell you to save your money. Here’s the scoop:

  • You get 6 pieces
  • They’re small
  • They burn fast
  • It’s a whopping $30…

Now, we aren’t telling you how to spend your money. You earned that right. However, we would prefer to be real with you. Here’s why:

  • The company manufactures the charcoal themselves. This is an expensive and lengthy process. Without mass production, the price will always be high.
  • The reality of this product going into mass production is slim, since the charcoal market isn’t welcoming to high price tagged niched items.
  • It’s a one hit wonder. They will take as much money as they can, and RUN!



  • It burns FAST
  • You can’t get enough heat from six pieces of charcoal to cook anything
  • Charcoal goes on the bottom of your grill. You won’t even see it…


If you like to burn your money away, then this product is certainly for you. Otherwise, we advise you to stay away.


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