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Famous Vegan Youtuber gets Caught in Mexico Devouring Meat. Vegan community in Shambles.

One of the most famous Vegan youtubers with who had over 3.5 million Subscribers, has been caught on camera sucking on some succulent meat in Mexico. The vegan community is in shambles. She releases an apology, her comment section is being destroyed. Rawvana has been exposed in a video as a meat/fish eater. She’s one of the most famous vegan youtubers, she went from 3million+, to 2.5 million subscribers in total- 1.9 subscribers on the Spanish version of her channel, and 450,000 on her English and other channels. People are starting to unsubscribe and insult her, bashing for trying to hide the food that was on her plate in the video. Here’s the video of her with the food on her...

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The Name Of The Famous Steak Restaurant?

What's that name of the famous steak restaurant everyone is buzzing about? Well, here it is! Cosanostra Braceria. It's located in ITALY! The chef shown below is well known for his finely cut, dry aged meats. His name is Giovanni Ricci. You can follow him on Instagram HERE! Want to put this restaurant on your travel list? Check out their website HERE! CHECK OUT OUR SHIRTS!

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Bacon is super cheap right now: pork prices are the lowest in a decade

More bacon-heavy options are being added to menus at fast-food chain restaurants such as McDonald's and Wendy's at a time when pork prices are the lowest they have been in decades. Wendy's patrons may buy the Baconator Fries, which has cheese and bacon on French fries. Mickey D's is also now selling cheesy bacon fries nationwide, and it has added bacon as a topping choice for Big Macs and Quarter Pounders, according to Business Insider . Neither Wendy's or McDonald's said their bacon offerings are tied to price decreases of pork — but they are appealing to America's love of it. (The prices sure help in doing promotions around bacon right now.) Bloomberg reports that at the beginning of February, pork...

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